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Interactive Floor Plan Tour

Compatible with MLS Systems, Zillow,, Trulia *

All photos included.


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Each Floor Plan Tour is hosted on a branded and non-branded URL for MLS compliance. This link also has tabs offering more information about the property, including a Map and Dimensions tab with approximate interior and exterior measurements for every floor. Get a better look at the floor plan by using the arrows in the bottom left corner to expand the size of each level.

The Photos tab hosts a gallery of photos that come standard with the purchase of this product.

Downloadable Floor Plan

Downloadable Floor Plans

Each floor plan tour comes with high res versions so you can print, crisp, clean layouts, at no additional charge. The JPEG files are available in the Client Portal with the order and come in two options, one with all the property levels or download each level separately.

Residential Real Estate

Property Management Companies

Senior Living Communities

Full Service: TruPlace-supplied HDR photos (as many as needed) and room-labeled layout, also comes with dimensions page and square footage. Your tour will include a floor plan of each level of the home, unlimited photos and photos of the surrounding community or subdivision.

Self Service: Client-supplied photos and layout, interior room labels and square footage, also comes with customizable info tab (Enhancements add ons available depending on quality of image file)

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