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Slideshow Video


TruPlace videos use professional DSLR cameras so the viewers can focus on what matters most: seeing the property. Our video offering gives agents more options for marketing a listing on a wide variety of digital channels. All videos, branded or unbranded, are uploaded to Vimeo. All branded videos are uploaded to YouTube.

Slideshow Video

This highlight reel showcases the best features of each living space within the home with added movement of fireplaces, clouds, TV screens and more. This video is set to tastefully selected music with a live link that launches the Google maps location of the property. It’s the perfect way to provide a quick and dynamic viewing experience on social media.

WalkThru Video

Get an in-person sense of the interior space by being escorted through the front door and around the home. Set to tastefully selected music, TruPlace videos use DSLR technology that delivers superior sharpness and clarity, greater depth of field and better lighting sensitivity to highlight the property’s natural lighting.

Aerial Drone Video

A true fly-over experience of a property’s most valuable feature: it’s location. TruPlace’s licensed drone pilots capture the birds-eye view of what buyers want and need to see: its location. TruPlace drone service is fully insured and compliant with FAA.

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