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TruFusion Photography

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    Transforms Ordinary to Extraordinary
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    Captures Every Detail Inside and Out
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    The Closest To What Your Eye Sees

TruFusion Shows More Detail and Clarity Than Typical Fusion Photography – And Only TruPlace Has It

We don’t think everyday fusion photography is good enough for our clients. That’s why we created TruPlace TruFusion- our proprietary processing technology that takes images to the next level with more vivid colors, brighter details and a better experience for the viewer.

Grab the slider in this comparison photo and see the difference for yourself.

TruPlace TruHDR

What Is TruFusion Photography?

Fusion Photography is created by averaging multiple photographs (typically 3) in much the same way that film photographers would “bracket” their shots. It starts with a normal exposure image, then an under-exposed, and finally an over-exposed image.

The average of these is typical Fusion Photography. And with additional processing, you get TruFusion – simply stunning!