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TruPlace World Class Process

Highly-Trained Professional Photographers

Following a careful selection and background checking process, every photographer goes through an extensive training process to learn exactly how TruPlace interior and exterior photos should be taken – from camera setup, tripod height and process flow, to capturing the perfect angle. Every variable is covered. Consistency, quality and scalability are the goals.

TruPlace Quality Control and Service

Every property photograph is reviewed by our experienced production team. Included in our 10-point check are things like floor plan accuracy and photo quality where we inspect clarity, color, and composition.

TruPlace World Class Process

First Impression

First impressions are critical when it comes to showcasing a vacation rental or real estate property. So we carefully evaluate each tour to make sure it has that “wow” factor.

Tour Review

During the review, each tour is viewed for label accuracy, photo composition and perspective, coloring, vibrancy, proper amenities, and great window views.

Quality Control

All photographs are double checked to ensure proper labeling and accurate editing.

Tour Delivery

Once the tour has been approved by the QC Team, the client is notified via email that it is ready for them to review.