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About TruPlace

Looking to develop an innovative and effective marketing tool for their vacation rental property, owners Bob and Suzi Cusack founded the company in 2003 under the name Mouse On House. Since then, TruPlace, as we’re known today, has produced over 62,000 tours and processed more than 8.8 million professional photographs.

Vacation Rental Property Managers, Real Estate Professionals, Home Builders, Commercial Real Estate Professionals and Event Venues are turning to TruPlace for their professional photos and virtual tours. Today, we service over 1,000 Real Estate and Property Management Companies nationwide.

Whether you’re looking to sell faster, increase your conversion rates, save time so you can grow your business or strengthen your brand, you can rely on TruPlace. With a fully-trained and managed staff, innovative technology and a passion for perfection of our craft, we guarantee consistent, effective and excellent online marketing tools that set you apart from your competition.

20680 Seneca Meadows Pkwy, Suite 210
Germantown MD 20876