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“Our guests appreciate the rich experience the TruPlace interactive floor plans and photos provide.  Even more exciting, our reservation agents love that they are spending less time on calls describing the layout of the property, which frees them up to take more calls and book more reservations.”

Russell Whitt
Pinnacle Lodging


“I wanted to be ahead of the competition in my area so I researched 3D Floorplans & came across TruPlace. I am so glad I went with them. The interactive floor plans look amazing & literally the day they were being put on my website I had a potential guest asking about where the room layouts were & I was happy to direct him to our new floor plans & he loved it! Thanks again, & will call you when we have another property to open! Thank you from everyone at Buffalo Creek Vacations, NC.”

Cheryl Hillis
Buffalo Creek Vacations

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“We had a problem getting reliable, professional quality photos with our current process. After using TruPlace they proved to be the best solution. We are proud to work with TruPlace, and will continue to do so.”

Ryan Jarvis
Travelers Haven