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Floor Plans

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Photos and Floor Plans With One Visit

Our national network of professional photographers are highly trained and know exactly what TruPlace real estate clients want to see. During the same visit, our photographers will shoot and measure the property for the TruPlace Real Estate Floor Plans, including every interior and exterior space on every floor.

World-Class Quality Control Process

After uploading the photos and floor plan files to our system, everything is carefully inspected for accuracy before being approved for client use. Your photos and floor plans are ready THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY.

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Optional 3D Floor Plans

TruPlace 3D floor plans are more engaging and provide an enhanced experience for the viewer.

TruPlace 3D floor plans provide dimensional representations of doors, windows, fireplaces, railings, stairs and more. Your buyers will really enjoy the visual realism of the property.

As with our 2D floor plans, photographs linked to the 3D plans will appear instantly upon rollover or touch and give your buyers the fastest, easiest-to-use virtual tour on the market.