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Why Professional Photography?

Pro Photos Lead to Faster Closings and Higher Prices

These amateur photos (do we need to point them out?) were not retouched, cropped or changed in any way. They lack appeal and do not present the property in a positive light – in fact, very little light. The professional photos are of the same room, although it’s hard to tell. One of these will produce better results than the other. Which one do you think?

Would you create your For Sale sign using cardboard and crayons? No, you use a professional sign maker because the end result is better and it makes you look more professional. With NAR research showing that photographs are the highest rated tool for selling a property, why go the amateur route with your photography? Professional photographs show more detail, better angles, views out the windows, balanced lighting and are obviously more stunning.

With more than 10 million photos to date, TruPlace knows stunning!

While you’re here, be sure to download our Pre-Photography Checklist with more than 30 things you can do to ensure your property looks its absolute best for your photographer. Touch the button or scroll to the bottom to access the Checklist.

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