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TruPlace creates an online photo gallery hosted on a unique URL to allow for precise analytics tracking. Our proprietary processing system ensures that our HDR photography is delivered with consistency. HDR, which stands for high dynamic range, is a technique used in photography to produce more brilliant colors than what is possible with standard digital imaging.

All Photo Packages come with:

  • Blue Sky Guarantee
  • Clear Window Views
  • Complimentary Amenity Photos

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Add Color:

Blue Water

TruPlace Blue Water

Whether it’s pools, lakes, or ponds, we can make that blue water even more enticing. This natural-looking enhancement will draw attention to one of the property’s best features.

Starting at $10/photo

Virtual Twilight

TruPlace Virtual Twilight

This attention-grabbing exterior treatment adds an intense color to sky, which increases the click-through rate by 4x.

Starting at $40/photo

Virtual Fireplace

TruPlace Virtual Fireplace

If the fireplace or fire pit was off during a photoshoot, TruPlace can make that attractive house feature come alive again by adding the look of an inviting warm fire.

Starting at $10/photo

Add Virtual Staging:

TruPlace TruHDR

Staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than un-staged homes. Our virtual staging looks real because of the fine details that make a big difference, such as the accuracy of the reflections on the floor and the glow of the lights on the dresser.

Starting at $80/photo

Add Elevated Photography:

TruPlace TruHDR

No drone zone? No problem. Our extended reach helps tower above two-story living rooms and sweeping views for an above-average point of view.

3 Photos for $99

Add Aerial Drone:

For areas that allow drones, TruPlace’s licensed drone pilots capture the birds-eye view of what buyers want and need to see: its location. TruPlace drone service is fully compliant with FAA Section 333 and fully insured.

15 Aerial Stills $299

TruPlace TruHDR

Add Social Media Package:

These close-up shots convey the unique and appealing detail of a home’s interior. Comes with vertical and horizontal options that will make viewers stop scrolling and click through. Includes detailed lifestyle imagery from bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces. 15 Photos for $59

TruPlace TruHDR