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The Best Interactive Floor Plan Tour Is Now Bigger, Bolder and Better Than Ever

Photographs are BIGGER and BOLDER, filling your desktop and mobile phone screens, and creating a BETTER user experience. Your brand is BIGGER and BOLDER without distracting from the photograph. The floor plan is easier to see and fades when you move your mouse away, making for a BETTER, more engaging experience. The new and improved slide show is more intuitive and fills screens with beautiful photographs.

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Will this be our new tour going forward, or can I switch back to the old tour if I want to?

For performance and consistency, this will be your new tour. We will be happy to discuss any concerns you have with the new tour so we can ensure we have a solution for you.

Does the new tour cost extra?

No! There is no additional cost. We focused on ensuring your properties are front and center with the largest images possible for a better experience.

Is this new tour format mobile friendly?

Yes! You will now see all your photos in full screen and it will resize depending on how you are holding your device.

Can I move the floor plan?

Yes, you can click onto the floor plan and drag it around your screen. The photo will also fade when you are not actively scrolling on the desktop. The floor plan will also resize depending upon your screen/window size.

How do I view the slideshow?

The Slideshow now resides under Photos and is called Album, which is a compilation of the best of your shoot. To see all images for amenity, exterior, interior, etc., select the level you wish to see on the upper right. You will then see a sliding reel at the bottom of your screen. To view on the desktop you can: use the left and right arrows on the sides of the screen; use your mouse wheel; use your arrow keys; page up/down buttons; home/end buttons; push play to allow it to play for you or click on the thumbs displayed. To view on mobile, you will simply press play to play on its own or swipe with your finger.

Where is my branding?

Your branding will appear each time the tour is opened on the upper left of the page and collapse into a “contact” button which can be hovered over to display. It will also display on the Info tab of the tour.