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May 2019 Newsletter Recap

In 2018, the National Association of Realtors reported the following:

● 98% of buyers found photos useful 

● 84% of buyers found floor plans useful 

● 80% found virtual tours useful

We put all three components together, introducing our TruPlace Hybrid Tour. The same great interactive floor plan tour, now with 360 spins to dive deeper into the rooms that are worth showing off! Attract more buyers by allowing viewers to navigate at their own pace. Whether they want to scroll through a slideshow of images, get a feel for the layout of the home, or immerse themselves into a room, we have the perfect solution for an easier way to see Real Estate.

Check out the full Hybrid tour!

TruPlace Hybrid Tour is delivered as a property website, complimentary with your customized branding, neighborhood amenity photographs, analytics, and blue sky enhancement to all exterior images.


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April 2019 Newsletter – Next Generation 3D Virtual Tours!

“Quality is the best business plan” – John Lasseter

As technology evolves, the expectation for quality increases. The experts at TruPlace created the Next Generation 3D Virtual Tour – TruFusion 3D, the highest quality 3D tour on the market. Our clients were requesting better quality virtual tours and a hybrid tour, where the end user can choose how they view a property. Our 360 spins integrate seamlessly into our Floor Plan Tours, allowing potential buyers to dive deeper into the rooms that matter. Don’t worry about the lighting, waiting for the tour to load, or spending hours at the property with a photographer. Better yet, don’t stress over doing it yourself. We are here to take the headache away!

Why virtual tours? Buyers, more than ever, are searching for homes online. Virtual tours serve as a 24/7 open house, allowing potential buyers to become quickly engaged.

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