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Benefits of Aerial Drone Images in Your Real Estate Listing

Real Estate is a super competitive industry, we all know this. How do you stay above the competition, stand out, and dangle your listing in front of the most interested buyers? There are lots of tools you can use from professional floor plans to walkthru video tours. Great images are among the highest necessity for a real estate listing. However, one tool that is sometimes underutilized by agents is the stunning and captivating, aerial shot.

Aerial drone photography is the capture of still images and video by a remotely-operated or autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also known as an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or, more commonly, as a drone. Drone photography often allows a first-person view that would normally be cost-prohibitive.

Real Estate Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial images taken with professional drone pilots can be extraordinary. Images showcase the entire property and surrounding area, but they can also capture more than you imagined, like a neighborhood vibe. Drone images create a unique view of the home while helping the buyer get a complete lay of the land.

While drones may be a must-have for luxury listings, grand homes and estates are not the only property types that can benefit from aerial photography. All listings have proven to sell faster with more offerings of images; therefore, consideration of aerial shots should not be taken lightly. In fact, MLS says that homes with aerial images sell 68% faster than homes with only standard images. A multi-acre ranch in Dallas, Texas might require a drone video to give a full sense of the property. However, drone photography for an Atlanta, Georgia listing showing the beautiful back yard can be just as valuable for the real estate agent.

TruPlace Elevated Photography

Of course, one caveat to drone and aerial photography is that there are some places that do not allow drone fly-overs, like Washington, DC. However, there is a way to still get the variety needed by capturing Elevated Images. TruPlace is able to capture elevated photography using an extended reach camera. This can photograph impressive images for your listing above two-story living rooms and sweeping views from the house without disrupting any laws or rules.

Not everyone has the capability to capture aerial images. If you own a drone it is not enough to get out there as a hobbyist or let your nephew who is ‘good with technology’ capture your shots. Not only is there an issue of clear, quality images with a DIY approach, but potential liability for flying without a license. TruPlace offers dynamic aerial products with professional editing and is compliant with FAA Section 333 and fully insured.

Impress your buyers by letting them know you are willing to keep up with trends to make their property listings among the most competitive. Show off as much of the listing as possible including the roofing, pool, or land to highlight all the potential benefits. Aerial shots make all these things easy to see and appealing to prospective buyers. Showing versatility in your listing goes a long way so don’t overlook the use of aerial photography.

Real Estate Marketing Tips

Your marketing efforts are essential to the success of your property listings.  Here are a few marketing tips that will help you maximize your investment in your property visuals.

Make the most of your real estate photography, tours, and floor plans.  These are the foundational building blocks of your listing, but also your portfolio of experience. Capture images of the nearby park and town, or city, because you’re not just selling a house, you’re selling a neighborhood. Show local attractions as well as the necessary photos of the listing itself. Buyers are counting on real estate photography and videos more than ever. In fact, 87% of home buyers relied on photos to help make their decision, according to The National Association Realtors. TruPlace offers a curated selection of complimentary community amenity photos with any photoshoot for this exact reason. Be sure you show all the potential benefits of the home, inside and out.

TruPlace HDR Real Estate Photography

87% of home buyers relied on photos to help make their decision

National Association of Realtors

Make sure it is insanely easy for potential buyers to contact you directly.  This one may seem like the back of a shampoo bottle and over-explained but realtors often miss opportunities to put their contact information in front of the buyer.  Check your social media handles, your phone number should be prominent.  Same with your business card itself.  Yes, you want to drive traffic to your listing or website but most importantly, you want to be sure they can pick up the phone and call you. Your virtual tours should include your contact information and a lead capture form. Don’t overlook opportunities to present your name and number everywhere possible.

Create killer content.  Create content for your listings that will capture the right buyer. Highlight key aspects of the listing but also try to tell a story with images that invite the prospective buyer to envision themselves in the home or neighborhood.  Is there a special café that has the right aesthetic within walking distance?  A newly renovated state-of-the-art playground?  Keep the copy minimum (but don’t leave off the pertinent details of the listing) and lock into the buyer’s imagination.

Complimentary HDR Neighborhood Amenity photos

Lock into your competition.  You should always be monitoring what your competitors are doing and see where they are successful, as well as where they are not. The internet and social media may seem cluttered with everyone using similar tactics but what works, works. You can take ideas as a starting point and make them your own, tailored for your specific audience and your buyers. Do not be afraid to try out a new trend if it seems in line with your personal brand. Perhaps most importantly, when a competitor makes a misstep, you will notice right away.  Add it to your ‘Don’t do that’ list and learn from their mistakes.

The Best Products to Market your Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Listing

When it comes to marketing a luxury listing, a standard photography package is not going to cut it. Sellers expect their property to stand out and the quality of the visuals should match the quality of the listing. Here are our picks for the best products to market your multi-million dollar listing:

TruPlace's best products to market your multi-million dollar real estate listing



WalkThru Video

Provide an in-person sense of the listing by being escorted around the home with a smooth WalkThru Video. This high-quality video provides a look at some of the best features of the house in an attention-grabbing format. Listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those without. Make sure the quality of your video matches the luxury listing. Set to tastefully selected music, TruPlace’s WalkThru video uses DSLR technology that delivers superior sharpness and clarity that emulate the quality of the listing.

Interactive Floor Plan Tour + 360 Views

A user-driven, user-friendly experience of a property that shows a layout of the floor plan with embedded photos and 360 Views. This tour provides the most flexibility for viewers to browse at their own pace. Detailed floor plans provide a sense of the space while the photos show the exact view from that place on the floor plan. 360 Views take this one step further by allowing the potential buyer to zoom in to see details such as a kitchen backsplash then out to rotate the view of the room.

Virtual Staging

Staged listings sell 88% faster and for 20% more. While it might not always be a possibility to totally redecorate your multi-million dollar listing physically, virtual staging is a great alternative. Choose your furniture style and let TruPlace take care of the rest, with realistic fine details that make a huge difference.

Details matter, especially when it comes to luxury real estate. Make sure you give the right impression to sellers and buyers through your visual marketing.

How to Use Real Estate Videos to Sell a Home, Not Just a House

Real estate marketing is heavily visual. Videos are a fantastic way to be a little more creative and informative than you can be with just the photos of the house. Listing walkthrough videos are excellent marketing pieces to have in your toolbox. However, sometimes it pays to add an additional step OUT of the toolbox. Here are a few ideas of how to be more helpful using real estate videos that will show off your listing and your commitment to serving your clients.

1.  Who are the people in your neighborhood? Think about not only showing the house but the businesses and public spaces that are accessible from your listing. Instead of just listing playgrounds close by – show a video (Tip: be sure there are no children in your videos that you do not have a release for). Is there a great walking trail or bike path? Show it off. Your potential buyers will get a better sense of the neighborhood and be more likely to tour the home.

2.  In this virtual age of pandemics and touring from home – here is another real estate video idea that is often missed… introduce yourself. Chat it up a little more. Talk about your experience, your dedication to client services and even go off track a little and talk about what you like in a home. Maybe give a little away about your track record. It’s ok to offer a few humble-brags.

3.  Go beyond parks and playgrounds and get real local. Camp out at the local coffee shop and speak with the owner and customers about what they love about the neighborhood. You can suggest that while they wait for the cable-person to set up the Wi-Fi, they may enjoy a local cup of joe and a chat while they get some work done.

4.  Is this your first sale? No? Then get some video from your past clients! Don’t ever overlook the power of a good client story or testimonial. Most testimonials are written out text on a website. Turn that content into a great real estate marketing video. Ask a few to record for you. There are several platforms like and VidDay that offer an easy way to have your clients record and allow for simple editing as well.

Going above and beyond doesn’t have to take a ton of time and effort but if you want to improve your real estate marketing videos, a few extra steps could really pay off for you. Use videos in your social media outreach, website, and especially email marketing. Your clients will appreciate your extra steps and dedication.

Choosing the Right Real Estate Virtual Tour

Studies have shown that the best marketing tactic for your listing is to incorporate a virtual tour. With the right real estate virtual tour, the road to successful sales is that much smoother. Often, we are asked how to choose the right real estate virtual tour for your listing. Here are some tips to know what is best for connecting with potential buyers.

• Does your listing have features that deserve a specific highlight that helps it stand out? A spectacular view from the deck? High vaulted ceilings? Whatever the highlight, the Interactive Floor Plan Tour + 360 Views is the right real estate virtual tour for you. This virtual tour provides the layout so you can see the whole property, but emphasis the best areas with the immersive component of a 3D Tour. Interactive Floor Plan Tours + 360 Views is the best combination of 3D, photos, and floor plans in one seamless product.

Using cutting-edge technology and HDR high-quality images, this unique product is sure to make a listing stand out. Many are familiar with our traditional, easy-to-use, Interactive Floor Plan Tours that embed photos to be displayed when hovering over labels and dots on the floor plan. The Interactive Floor Plan Tour + 360 Views takes it a step further in providing an immersive view. These tours include blue rotation icons embedded into the floor plan that when hovered over display a full 360 View of that room. The flexibility of this virtual tour is also an excellent choice for properties that might have a wide range in buyer demographics.

• The most immersive real estate virtual tour is the TruFusion 3D Tour. This option provides the feeling “like you’re there” and is the best property viewing experience of any 3D virtual tour. The TruFusion 3D Tour allows the potential buyer to explore the entire listing using Photo Slider Navigation, moving from room to room and floor to floor. This virtual tour provides a 3D view of each level of the home. While this tour does not come with a floor plan or photos of the property, it does include enhanced interior colors and clear views out the windows all with HDR quality. The TruFusion 3D Tour works well on iPhone, iPad, or touch screen/touchpads.

• TruPlace’s Interactive Floor Plan Tours display cleanly and easily on a shared screen. They allow the presenter to hover over embedded photos within each room, so they are perfect for Virtual Open Houses. The Interactive Floor Plan Tour is the right real estate virtual tour option to provide a potential buyer or client an easy way to navigate the listing. Unlike many 3D Virtual Tours which can be challenging to navigate, Interactive Floor Plan Tours are known for their ease of use and organization. The great thing about purchasing an Interactive Floor Plan Tour from TruPlace is that it comes with all the photos to showcase the property. There is no need to pay for or schedule a separate appointment. This interactive, user-driven experience of a property shows the layout of the floor plan and allows viewers to navigate at their own pace through each room.

Each virtual tour is hosted on a branded and non-branded Single Property Website URL for MLS compliance. This website also has tabs offering more information about the property, including a map location, personalized lead capture form, and complimentary amenity photos of the surrounding community or subdivision.

Choosing the right tour can make a difference in many factors of the sale. TruPlace is available to help you find the right real estate virtual tour for your listings. We understand the client experience and are adept at matching that with the listing goals. Which virtual tour is right for you?

Top Tip for Impressive Real Estate Photography

Here is the tip: Hire a real estate photographer

The only tip a beginner or veteran real estate agent needs when it comes to photos for a property listing in real estate is to hire a professional real estate photographer.

A New Way of Selling

Real estate photography has never been more crucial to a property listing than is it right now.  Gone are the days of heavily attended open houses. Many people are still timid about venturing out. As the real estate industry moves toward a predominately digital experience, professional photos produced by a professional photographer are one of the most important selling pieces in the marketing toolbox.

Quality Matters

While smartphones are making leaps and bounds in technology, a professional real estate photographer is more experienced at creating the desired engagement and results. High resolution professional photos help you sell your listing faster and for $3,000- $11,000 more than homes with standard photos. It is proven that professional photographs outperform amateur photographs every time. Using today’s advanced DSLR cameras with larger sensors with more pixels, better controls, and interchangeable lenses easily outperform amateur photos.

It also takes an experienced professional to understand and know room angles, lighting, and highlight the spaces that appeal most to visitors. A real estate photographer has the experience necessary to know not only angles, but also ideal camera heights and lighting. The photographer will know which aperture priority to use depending on the amount of natural light in order to make the room look better. Things that an average person or other photographers may not be readily adept at catching.

After the Shoot

Post-production editing skills are a key part of the process that a real estate photographer will also possess. Enhancements can be made after the shoot to items such as the image on TVs, fires in fireplaces, and any other moving pieces that would not photograph very well. Most professionals will turn these elements off when shooting to prevent blur. However, using post-production technology, images can be added to TVs, fires can be added to fireplaces, pool water can be made a more inviting blue, the grass greener, and the sky can be transformed to sunny blue, even from a cloudy shooting day. While not appropriate for cosmetic enhancements that “fool” the viewer, this technology is very useful (and ethical) for enhancing things that come and go. It is important to note that professionals will also have a quick turn-around time for fully-edited images so that your listing process has no delays. TruPlace guarantees next-business-day turn-around on all photography packages and virtual tours. Less time waiting means more options!

If the overall goal is to entice a homebuyer and have your listing stand out with impressive real estate photography, then yes, a professional real estate photographer is a key to success.