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How to Use Your Property Analytics

On every property link, TruPlace collects valuable information and organizes it into graphs and charts. In order to take advantage of this beneficial feature, you have to know where to find it and how to use it.

Where Is My Data?

Any current client of TruPlace can log into the Client Portal from home page of our website and access property analytics.
Select a property from your property list. Click on the sunset icon under the Images column. Once that property page loads, go to Property in the top navigation bar and click Analytics.
With each property, we provide data about the behaviors of the online audience interacting with this property page. This access is available for a full year.

What Data Is Available?

You not only get the data showing the sources of the online traffic, or where the traffic came from to view this property, but you can see trends showing which days of the week or times of day that property gets the most views.

How Can I Use It?

Social Media Marketing

You would be shocked at the differences in viewer behavior, based on a property location, price point and marketing efforts. Use the data to determine when to host a virtual open house or when to do a Facebook live event. For example, if the property gets most of its views on Fridays, see what time is most popular, then launch a Facebook live event about that property during that time.

Location Specific Marketing

The map feature is a client favorite. It shows you where the viewers are located when they look at the property online. Because the map is interactive, you can click on each number and drill down to see hyper-local data, even down to the to the street.

The map indicates high concentration clusters, not just locally, but nationally and globally. Property owners and managers can gain a better understanding of your marketing efforts and reach with this visual, as well. Use the zoom in/out to drill down closer or move out further to see the viewer locations.
You can show your sellers the on-line behavior of the buyers and this can help you to adjust or pivot the marketing plan for better results. For residential sales, it is also a smart way to target potential home sellers because if these viewers are looking at homes virtually, they may just be thinking about a move soon. For rentals, it helps lower the cost of pay per click ads when you can target a specific location, especially when you know they are already interested.

5 Reasons Professional Property Photography Is Better Than Amateur Property Photography

1. Professional photographs outperform amateur photographs (Updated 2020).
Studies have shown that 98% of homebuyers judge whether or not to walk through a property by first seeing the listing photos online (Asset Based Lending). Homes that use a professional photographer for their listing on average sell $11,000 over market value and sell 50% faster than homes with standard photos (Asset Based Lending).

Photos are not the only product that can help sell. According to a 2019 NAR report, 29% of REALTORS® hire a professional to operate a drone for their business, while an additional 14% of REALTORS® plan to incorporate the use of drones in the future. 73 percent of homeowners say they are more likely to list their home with an agent who offers to create a video of their property.

In a study by FlipKey, they found “Travelers are 83% more likely to inquire about property listings that contain over 20 photos.” Professionally photographed homes receive a 47% higher asking price per square foot (Redfin). With so much riding on photos, why go the amateur route?

2. Professionals use better camera equipment.
Yes, your iPhone takes good photos of your kids and pets, but it just can’t compare to today’s advanced DSLR cameras. DSLRs have larger sensors with more pixels, better controls and interchangeable lenses. With a DSLR, you’re going to get better white balance that is more visually appealing. And the 3:2 aspect ratio of a DSLR makes for better compositions. But then, you can’t order a pizza using your DSLR.

3. Professionals know how to capture the best angles.
Amateurs typically just walk into a room and shoot. Professionals take into account the entire frame – from left to right, front to back, top to bottom. Does the angle of the bed look appealing? Is the entry to the bathroom in the frame? Is the camera height sufficient to capture the entire counter top? Does the selected lens capture the entire room without distorting the image? Professionals see all of this and more, plus know when to shoot multiple angles when necessary to capture everything a room has to offer.

4. Professionals understand lighting.
An amateur will usually close the drapes so that the sunlight coming in doesn’t “blow out” the detail in the room. This typically results in a shot that is too dark or too light.

A professional with the right equipment can capture the image in a room the way your eye sees it – with details inside the room, and window views of the outside. With today’s modern equipment in the hands of a professional, more detail is captured, colors are more vibrant, and lighting is perfectly balanced.

5. Professionals can enhance the image after the shot.
Images on TVs, fires in fireplaces and anything else that is moving do not photograph very well. This is why most professionals will turn those things off when shooting. But using post-production technology, images can be added to TVs, fires can be added to fireplaces, pool water can be made more inviting, grass greener, and the sky can be transformed to blue, even though it was cloudy the day of the shoot. While not appropriate for cosmetic enhancements that “fool” the viewer, this technology is very useful (and ethical) for enhancing things that come and go.

Power Your Brand

It is no secret that using premium property visuals in your marketing increases interest from viewers. So, why not do the same for your brand? TruPlace premium property visuals are designed not only to highlight the property, but to make your brand look even better!

Get Double the Use

Have you used TruPlace premium visuals on past properties? Why not double the return on your investment by using past work as a brand sample.
It is clear that properties with stunning visuals get more attention and interest. Viewers enjoy looking through stunning photography and virtual tours, some even browse. This in turn leads to more interest and success for the property. However, the use for the visuals does not end with that particular property- it can be used as a piece of your brand’s marketing. Show potential clients how you will utilize visual marketing to increase interest in the property. Seeing live examples provides credibility and trust for your brand.

Prove Consistency

High standards are something to be bragged about. Differentiate your brand from the rest with consistently high-quality visuals. Whether you use the same signature product on each property or vary the products based on property, the quality standards of TruPlace visuals will leave an impression with viewers. Not only will this convey your professionalism, but also your commitment to showcasing the best of each individual property.

How Do I Start?

Not sure how to showcase your brand with premium visuals? Here are some simple ways to start:

  • Share this downloadable pdf that highlights how you will use premium visuals to successfully market a new property with potential or new clients
  • Save your TruPlace virtual tour links to previous properties to use as interactive examples
  • Create your own digital or print photo gallery by saving your favorite photos from each property directly from your client portal
  • Post your TruPlace virtual tours on social media- this not only gains exposure for the property in question, it provides an online history of your high-quality standards for future clients

Your brand is what separates you from the competition. Create an even stronger message with a reputation of high-quality visual marketing to help you stand out among the crowd and gain more business.

TruPlace’s New TalkThru™ Video Add-on Feature Keeps Relationships Literally In the Picture

On March 13, 2020 TruPlace’s CEO Bob Cusack posed the question: What if realtors could record a video on their cell phone that can be placed on the floor plan tour? They could talk through the property, narrating its story, describing its unique features to potential buyers or other agents, right from the safety of their own home.

It was insightful, especially for how early into the pandemic it was. Now, anyone can go into the Client Portal and upload a video and TruPlace will place it on the property selected from the Property List menu. The video is displayed automatically in the lower left corner of the image, but it can be moved by clicking on it and dragging it around. The video can be paused by clicking directly on it.

This picture-in-a-picture video insert is just the framework. To highlight what this new DIY feature will achieve, consider:

  • How much effort goes into your face time and your branding? But when home buyers look online at homes, they don’t always see your face or brand. Now you can have the best of both worlds. The TalkThru video will keep your smiling face on screen for non-MLS versions of the tour. For MLS compliant versions, TruPlace will auto-separate the video from the audio so that only the audio stays on the tour in the live link. Viewers can click through the home while listening to you talk about it.
  • How many potential buyers walked through a property and completely missed the unique features that could have sealed the deal? Now you can speak directly about those features while the viewer is clicking on them.
  • How much time is spent writing property descriptions that (honestly) nobody reads? Now they don’t have to, you can read it right to them, or write something even better!

Productivity Increases Ahead!

We believe the TalkThru ™ video will continue to find relevancy even after restrictions are lifted because it makes the listing agent’s life easier and safer. We have designed it to be easy to use and have provided simple help videos if you need them. Your videos need to be MLS compliant and we can help you with that as well. The content is completely up to you, so if you have an assistant or team available to create these, have them record the videos too.

And, since we know you’re not just selling a home, you’re selling a community and neighborhood as well, we’ll add additional locations where this video can be displayed over the coming weeks. Imagine being able to talk through the entire property and the amenities without having to be on-site. We’ll leave that work to our photographers.

We are constantly working on ways to improve the property visuals agents need to sell or rent a property. This TalkThru™ video is our way of reminding our customers that we are constantly putting them first at TruPlace.

Click here to download the How To sheet.

Matterport vs. TruFusion 3D: A Comparison

3D Tours are the latest must-have for residential listings. With buyers searching online more than ever before, they have quickly become the best way to provide an immersive experience without being physically present. However, not all 3D tours are created equal – some are DIY, some use low resolution images, etc. So which version is the best to use? Here we will be comparing key aspects of Matterport and TruFusion 3D.

Technology Differences

The technology used to process the image and the equipment used to capture it are the key differences between these two 3D tours. Matterport tours are created using a Matterport camera which captures the information for a connected 3D tour. When the photographer arrives at the property, the camera is set up squarely in the center of the room to automatically scan the space and produce a 3D view.
TruFusion 3D Tours use DSLR cameras to capture still images which are merged into 3D panoramic views. After the photographers visit the property and capture these high-quality images, the panoramics are then edited and converted into a 3D Tour. Because these views are captured room-by-room, they are also capable of being enhanced individually with virtually staged, or even decluttered.

Quality Differences

The quality differences between Matterport and TruFusion 3D tours are apparent just by viewing the results. While Matterport offers a better quality than most DIY or smart phone options, TruFusion 3D Tours are the highest visual quality 3D tour currently available in the market.
Each TruFusion 3D Tour comes standard with complimentary Bluesky, enhanced interior coloration, and clear window views. This showcases important details of a listing, such as granite countertops or water views that are otherwise indistinguishable. Because of the process through which TruFusion 3D Tours are made, they have HDR quality and guarantee a crisp, vibrant view.
Below is a side-by-side comparison of the same room on the same day.


While both 3D tours offer intuitive navigation, there are a few key differences. Matterport tours open to a “doll house” view of the property. The viewer clicks into a room to begin the tour and then navigates throughout the home using outlined circles on the floor. Once the next circle is clicked, the view shifts to that location’s view.
TruFusion 3D Tours have two navigation options available in every tour. The first option is fairly similar to Matterport. When viewers hover over an arrow, a bubble will appear with a preview of the space. By clicking it, the 3D view moves to the next room within the tour. The second option is photo-slider navigation. This is a photo preview of each room divided by levels, great for jumping to a specific room or level-to-level quickly.

3D Tours are becoming one of the standard ways for potential buyers to view listings. Choose the 3D Tour that will showcase your listing in the best light to convert viewers into buyers.

What is a Hybrid Floor Plan Tour?

Real Estate agents are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to stand out among the crowd. That is why we get this question a lot, “What is a Hybrid Floor Tour?”

Launched just over a year ago, a Hybrid Floor Plan Tour is the combination of 3D, photos, and floor plans in one seamless product. Using cutting-edge technology and DSLR high-quality images, the unique product is sure to make a listing stand out. Many are familiar with our traditional, , easy-to-use, Floor Plan Tours that embed photos to be displayed when hovering over labels and dots on the floor plan. The Hybrid Floor Plan Tour takes it a step further in providing an immersive view. These tours include blue spins embedded into the floor plan that when hovered over display a full 3D view of that room.

What are the Benefits?


This virtual tour reigns supreme in providing flexibility to viewers. Potential buyers can navigate the user-driven experience at their own pace, taking the time they wish to focus on specific aspects the home. It provides the planning ability of a floor plan with the immersive touch of 3D to give viewers confidence that they have seen the full property. Because this tour allows such flexible viewing it is also an excellent choice for properties that might have a wide range of age demographics interested.


This virtual tour offers the immersive component of a 3D Tour at a different price point. Each includes a floor plan, enough photos to best showcase the property, and Three 3D Spins in agent-selected locations. This allows for an excellent view of the property without needing 2 or more separate tours to provide information.


Delivered as a virtual tour link, the hybrid tour can be added to your MLS system without any additional steps. The 3D Spins can also be downloaded individually as photos and uploaded into Facebook where their 3D player will automatically display as a 3D image. The photos and floor plans that accompany them are available for download as well to provide well-rounded marketing.

How is it different from a 3D Tour?

Hybrid Floor Plan Tours are navigated by hovering over a space on the floor plan, then the corresponding image or 3D Spin will display full screen. The three (3) 3D Spins showing a full 360 degree view of a room are embedded into a floor plan, rather than linked together.

TruFusion 3D Tours are a full 360 degree view of every room in the space that are navigated by viewers clicking the arrows to the next room within the 3D tour or using the photo-slider navigation to jump to a specific room. Both tours use the same technology and editing processes to ensure vibrant view with clear windows and a blue sky.

When should I use a Hybrid Floor Plan Tour?

Does your listing have a few features or areas that you would like to highlight to make it stand out against the rest? Perhaps the kitchen was recently remodeled with stainless appliances, the master bedroom has a beautiful vaulted ceiling, or the view from the back deck is a key selling feature. If this is the case, the Hybrid Floor Plan Tour might be the perfect fit as it provides the details to see the whole property but places a natural emphasis on the best areas.