Month: March 2021

Real Estate Marketing Tips

Your marketing efforts are essential to the success of your property listings.  Here are a few marketing tips that will help you maximize your investment in your property visuals.

Make the most of your real estate photography, tours, and floor plans.  These are the foundational building blocks of your listing, but also your portfolio of experience. Capture images of the nearby park and town, or city, because you’re not just selling a house, you’re selling a neighborhood. Show local attractions as well as the necessary photos of the listing itself. Buyers are counting on real estate photography and videos more than ever. In fact, 87% of home buyers relied on photos to help make their decision, according to The National Association Realtors. TruPlace offers a curated selection of complimentary community amenity photos with any photoshoot for this exact reason. Be sure you show all the potential benefits of the home, inside and out.

TruPlace HDR Real Estate Photography

87% of home buyers relied on photos to help make their decision

National Association of Realtors

Make sure it is insanely easy for potential buyers to contact you directly.  This one may seem like the back of a shampoo bottle and over-explained but realtors often miss opportunities to put their contact information in front of the buyer.  Check your social media handles, your phone number should be prominent.  Same with your business card itself.  Yes, you want to drive traffic to your listing or website but most importantly, you want to be sure they can pick up the phone and call you. Your virtual tours should include your contact information and a lead capture form. Don’t overlook opportunities to present your name and number everywhere possible.

Create killer content.  Create content for your listings that will capture the right buyer. Highlight key aspects of the listing but also try to tell a story with images that invite the prospective buyer to envision themselves in the home or neighborhood.  Is there a special café that has the right aesthetic within walking distance?  A newly renovated state-of-the-art playground?  Keep the copy minimum (but don’t leave off the pertinent details of the listing) and lock into the buyer’s imagination.

Complimentary HDR Neighborhood Amenity photos

Lock into your competition.  You should always be monitoring what your competitors are doing and see where they are successful, as well as where they are not. The internet and social media may seem cluttered with everyone using similar tactics but what works, works. You can take ideas as a starting point and make them your own, tailored for your specific audience and your buyers. Do not be afraid to try out a new trend if it seems in line with your personal brand. Perhaps most importantly, when a competitor makes a misstep, you will notice right away.  Add it to your ‘Don’t do that’ list and learn from their mistakes.

New Time-Saving Solutions for Overwhelmed Reservation Agents

If you are an overwhelmed reservation agent, we understand your life! Right now, it is all about solutions that will make your job and your life easier. These three solutions not only save you time and increase your productivity but are welcome upgrades that your clients will appreciate.

1. Printable Floor Plans from TruPlace

Having floor plans on hand for each unit saves time in a big way. Not only can you easily share these with guests, but also with maintenance crews and cleaning teams. The biggest time saver here is that reservation agents have reported a 33% reduction in guest questions with the use of TruPlace’s Interactive Floor Plan Tours. TruPlace’s Interactive Floor Plan Tour now includes a downloadable high resolution floor plan that can be printed and laminated for emergency directions and instructions throughout the property. Because all the information for the property is provided upfront, potential guests can eliminate properties that will not meet their goals.

Imagine a world where there are even a few less questions from the guests for you to answer. Reduced questions mean way more productive time for you to get other work done. This also means a win-win with less time wasted for you as well as guests with the use of Interactive Floor Plans. Guests are easily able to find out important details on their own, rather than calling reservation agents for questions such as “Which bedrooms have a shared bathroom?” or “Which levels provide balcony access?”. Maintenance and cleaning staff can save time in finding the proper rooms in need of service and avoid the extra call to office staff.

2. Property Voice Assistant from Xplorie

Another new and exciting tool to use is the Xplorie Enabled Voice Assistant. Client questions, while sometimes necessary, do require a large portion of time and effort on the reservation agent’s end. Common questions like, “What is the Wifi password?”, or “Where is the best family restaurant around?”, “Where can I get a spa treatment?” even, “Do I need a fishing permit to go fishing here?”. These questions and so much more can be used through the voice assistant with Xplorie.

Modern technology is about keeping it modern and now 1 in 4 adults own and use a voice-enabled device. Voice assistance is so easy to use that it is appropriate and helpful to all age demographics of vacationers. Being able to completely customize the experience will show you are current and continue to build trust in your knowledge of your property and surrounding area. Providing this contact-less concierge service will wow your guests while giving you hours back in your day to be productive in other areas.

3. Guest-facing App from Wishbox or Touch Stay

If you were able to lessen the questions you are normally barraged with using the previous tip, you might also be interested in a web-based guest app, like Wishbox or Touch Stay.

Imagine a guest being able to check in online and have access to a wide variety of information at their fingertips. You could customize your guests’ experience with guidebooks, local maps, upload videos, images and tours. Not only that, but you could provide access to in-house services and destination services working with your local partners.

Wishbox’s features will make your communication more efficient and save time and effort through their Communication Hub. It’s easy to manage your communications through their hub so you don’t miss a message and know where your guest is in the journey of their stay. Their Upsells feature allows guest to take charge of upgrades and automates offers to them, relieving you of some of the upselling that lands on you to push.

The takeaway is… hang in there! There are solutions that can help you during your busiest seasons and maintain your sanity throughout the year.

The Best Products to Market your Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Listing

When it comes to marketing a luxury listing, a standard photography package is not going to cut it. Sellers expect their property to stand out and the quality of the visuals should match the quality of the listing. Here are our picks for the best products to market your multi-million dollar listing:

TruPlace's best products to market your multi-million dollar real estate listing



WalkThru Video

Provide an in-person sense of the listing by being escorted around the home with a smooth WalkThru Video. This high-quality video provides a look at some of the best features of the house in an attention-grabbing format. Listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those without. Make sure the quality of your video matches the luxury listing. Set to tastefully selected music, TruPlace’s WalkThru video uses DSLR technology that delivers superior sharpness and clarity that emulate the quality of the listing.

Interactive Floor Plan Tour + 360 Views

A user-driven, user-friendly experience of a property that shows a layout of the floor plan with embedded photos and 360 Views. This tour provides the most flexibility for viewers to browse at their own pace. Detailed floor plans provide a sense of the space while the photos show the exact view from that place on the floor plan. 360 Views take this one step further by allowing the potential buyer to zoom in to see details such as a kitchen backsplash then out to rotate the view of the room.

Virtual Staging

Staged listings sell 88% faster and for 20% more. While it might not always be a possibility to totally redecorate your multi-million dollar listing physically, virtual staging is a great alternative. Choose your furniture style and let TruPlace take care of the rest, with realistic fine details that make a huge difference.

Details matter, especially when it comes to luxury real estate. Make sure you give the right impression to sellers and buyers through your visual marketing.