TruFusion 3D vs. Matterport: A Comparison

3D Tours are the latest must-have for searching renters. With potential guests online more than ever before, they have quickly become the best way to provide an immersive experience. However, not all 3D tours are created equal – some are DIY, some use low resolution images, etc. So which version is the best to use?  Here we will be comparing key aspects of Matterport and TruFusion 3D.

Technology Differences

The technology used to process the image and the equipment used to capture it are the key differences between these two 3D tours. Matterport tours are created using a Matterport camera which captures the information for a connected 3D tour. When the photographer arrives at the property, the camera is placed 5-8’ apart, including behind furniture to scan the space and produce a 3D view. 

TruFusion 3D Tours use DSLR cameras to capture still images which are merged into 3D panoramic views. After the photographers visit the property and capture these high-quality images, the panoramics are then edited and converted into a 3D Tour. Because these views are captured room-by-room, they are also capable of being enhanced individually with virtually staged, or even decluttered.

Quality Differences

The quality differences between Matterport and TruFusion 3D tours are apparent just by viewing the results. While Matterport offers a better quality than most DIY or smart phone options, TruFusion 3D Tours are the highest visual quality 3D tour currently available in the market.

Each TruFusion 3D Tour comes standard with complimentary Blue Sky, enhanced interior coloration, and clear window views. This showcases important details of a property, such as stainless appliances or water views that are otherwise indistinguishable. Because of the process through which TruFusion 3D Tours are made, they have HDR quality and guarantee a crisp, vibrant view.

A side-by-side comparison of the same room on the same day.


While both 3D tours offer intuitive navigation, there are a few key differences. Matterport tours open to a “doll house” view of the property. The viewer clicks into a room to begin the tour and then navigates throughout the home using outlined circles on the floor. Once the next circle is clicked, the view shifts to that location’s view.

TruFusion 3D Tours have two navigation options available in every tour. The first option is fairly similar to Matterport. When viewers hover over an arrow, a bubble will appear with a preview of the space.  By clicking it, the 3D view moves to the next room within the tour.  The second option is photo-slider navigation. This is a photo preview of each room divided by levels, great for jumping to a specific room or level-to-level quickly.

3D Tours are becoming one of the standard ways for travelers to view their options. Choose the 3D Tour that will showcase your rental properties in the best light to convert viewers into renters.  

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